When opportunity knocks

When opportunity knocks

I’m minding my business yesterday, making my Arcade list and checking it twice, when Darth im’s me and asks if he can use my winter skydome for a picture…and maybe some other winter stuff.  Of course I agreed, went up to the dome and tp’d him and Cinder.  Seems he was asked to take a picture of someone for a contest… she wanted a pic like one she had seen in his Flick’r stream and she needed it right away.  Darth began set up, pulling things out and giving directions (he’s really, really good at giving directions).  I was tasked with finding an appropriate pose in an appropriate spot.  Jo was called in to drop off some of her inventory, and soon the dome was crowed…with Darth surrounded by a multitude of women…poor guy.  As I stood on the pose waiting for the contest photo chick to drop in, Darth mentioned that I should shoot my own picture since my dress blended in so well… we would just leave everything up and I could take it when he was done.  BAM!  Can’t pass up an opportunity like that!  He even gave me the windlight he was using.  Didn’t take long either…the chick was photogenic and Darth got it in less than 10 shots…which is amazing for him.  So as soon as she departed (what must have gone through her mind when she tp’d in to a photographer surrounded by 3 chicks) I popped on, went to a different pose and snapped…one picture and done….so THERE Mr. I have to take this many shots and merge them all.  I’ll give him this…he had that picture edited within a half hour…and that was while we were all talking on Skype!  Pretty soon now, he’ll be taking and editing pictures as fast and deftly as Jarath…who can do a profile pic from start to finish in 5 minutes (yes, THAT’S the reason we call him the 5 minute man *cough*cough*).

Now on to our regularly scheduled show.  Mix opened today and Belleza is debuting a full line of the gorgeous Amber skin (for regular SL avatar).  She comes in 7 skin tones, 8 eyebrow options with 10 makeups, cleavage, hair base, blush and matte/gloss lips.  If you happen to have a Logo mesh head, an Amber applier will be coming out on the 4th at the Winter Trend.

TRUTH HAIR Arden @ The 12 Days of Savings – 100L on the Marketplace!
.AiShA. Tara Dress M Pearl from The Secret Affair (which is closed, so try the store)
Belleza– Amber sunkissed #4 Dk.Bl. skin for MIX
[White-Widow] Neverland white tattoo @ Enchantment
LB_WinterBridge.v1 from Lost & Found
uK – Northern Star Garland Plain @ SaNaRae (till Dec. 18th)
hive // red-nosed holiday decor @ Wayward Market
Clustered. Antique Garden Fence 2. @ Wayward Market
Sway’s Christmas tree (B) snowed
ISPACHI [CHERISHED MOMENTS] Reindeer (old Arcade item, look in yardsales)
Bauhaus Movement – Elena Pose

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