You’ve been iced!

You've been ICED!

The MidWinter Fair opened the other day and I have found my amusement for the upcoming winter break.  Kei made this beyond awesome steampunk reindeer game that comes complete with a reindeer mount and an action packed snowball gun.  The sillyness is contagious….you can’t stop playing…if for no other reason than to get the announcement that you’ve iced a friend.  When you purchase the game, you have a copy to pass one set to a friend (HUD, gun and reindeer!).  Just wear all the items (right click and “add” from your inventory).

When you have been hit 10 times, your HUD will let you know and will shout so all can hear, that you have been iced. Touch the HUD to begin a new game. It will shout that you have reset. If you are nice, you will let your opponent touch their HUD also to reset the game (after you’ve kicked their ass a time or two).

As soon as we got the sets, we all hopped on our trusty mounts (quite obviously Darth’s was not so trusty as much as clumsy), went into mouselook and began shooting snowballs.  At one point there were so many snowballs in the air it was hard to see.  We had all donned jammies for the fight because..well … it just seemed right.  We girls are adorable in ours and it was a stroke of luck that the Truth hair group gift matched Cinder’s jammies perfectly.  Jareth had his heart set on finding Superman onesies and that didn’t happen, but hey…those bunny ears and fluffy tail are very heroic.  Thankfully, after much derision and grumbling, Darth matches … he wouldn’t wear mittens (because according to him “no mittens, cuz I’m a man!) but he matches.  I could say that the girls won the fight (we did) but in all honesty… that would only elicit more grumbling from Darth and Jareth was AFK for a lot of it (so a really easy target).

If you have friends…gooo now to the MidWinter Fair and get this!  Remember, there is a set to pass to your friend!  If you don’t have friends, im me inworld and I will happily joust with you…and I may even let it look like you’re winning.

Kei’s Steampunk Reindeer Mounts @ MidWinter Fair
Kei’s Steampunk Snowball Guns @ MidWinter Fair
uk – Garden Arch Path – Winter @ Wayward Market
LB_Conifier.v2{Seasons} @ FaMESHed
LB_Conifier.v1{Winter} @ FaMESHed
[we’re CLOSED] shrub large winter
{anc} snow ground (mesh uneven ground) white 1Li @ We ❤ Role-Play

e! Button Scarf (Snow)
The Annex – Onesie – Snowflake – Maitreya @ Wayward Market
[SWaGGa] Holiday Knit Glove Wht/Red (Girl/Cut) @ Wayward Market

PJs: Cracked Mirror (CM) Footie Pajamas (red) Small
Scarf – FATEwear Scarf – Granger – PianoKey (K)(S+)
Mittens: Pizza’s – Snowman Mittens
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Bernadette [Hat] New Subscriber giftie (go get one!)

FATEwear  onesie – Warner – Nightowl
FATEplay – Max Mask – Original (modded blue)
(AMD) Holidays Snow Hat – SnowFlake ( Not Available)
*Kc*T Parkour Vault (Kaleidoscope Creative)
Gary: “No Mittens Cuz I’m a Man!”

FATEwear  onesie – Bugsy – ocean
FATEwear scarf – Harry – Tundra
FATEwear gloves – Dexter – Tundra

Wayward Market Logo For Out of SL - 1024Kei's Steampunk Reindeer Games - Boxed




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