Let them eat cake

Let them eat cake

There’s never a bad time to don a cuter than cute skirt and go flirt the night away!  The Cake skirt from Storybook is at The Season’s Story, which opened just a few days ago.  The adorable stick straight hair is new at Analog Dog and the fun earrings are The Plastic, also new in store ❤

I’m a huge fan of back shots and “lookback” poses, so when I visited ROMP when it opened the other day (to read the articles mind you) I did the happy dance when I saw that Infiniti Poses had some great “behind” poses ❤

Storybook – Cake – Silver – Maitreya @ The Seasons Story
Analog Dog – tangerine – LIGHT BLONDES – NEW in store!
Infiniti – Behind #2 pose @ ROMP
:[P]:– Arahe Earring [L]:// Regs – NEW in store!
SPIRIT – Neal tank top [MAITREYA] Lara @ Uber
[PXL] Shara winter #2 skin
[White-Widow] Neverland tattoo


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