Wayward Winter

what next cabin

Wayward Winter opens momentarily with a lineup of designers that will set anyone on a tailspin.  1pm SLT is the magic hour when the gates will open and your winter adventure begins.  The event is set on a Wayward’s themed sim where you can build that famous snowman, take our lift up to the tallest hill for skiing, grab your ice skates for twirling amongst the snowflakes, pick up the fastest sled for gliding over those snow caps, and then head back to our ski lodge to warm up beside the fire!  Then you can shop till you drop  and find this amazing Snowy Alpine Cabin from {what next}, along with the chairs, table, firepit and hot chocolate tray ❤

Wayward Winter is OPEN folks!

Wayward Events website

{what next} Snowy Alpine Cabin
{what next} Winter Harvest Chair (pillow & blanket)
{what next} Winter Harvest Chair (pillows)
{what next} Winter Harvest Side Table
{what next} Winter Harvest Firepit (with animations)
{what next} Vermont Hot Chocolate Tray (Deer)
Botanical – Douglas Fir 6


The picture below is the lodge you rezz in at…how gorgeous is that scenery!  By the way, that picture up above of the {what next} cabin was taken on the Wayward Winter site also ❤

Wayward Winter



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