Isobel and her crusher

Isobel and her Crusher

We Love Role-Play is still open for this round, so if you are in need of some kick ass attire…this is the place to go.  Today’s “I have a big ass hammer and I know how to swing it” look is brought to you by Azuchi, maker of many extraordinary fantasy/kick ass gear.  The hammer itself, named the “Steam Crusher”, is formidable as well as finely detailed and comes from those innovators of deadly weapons, Bamse. To contrast all that bad ass we have Entwined’s long soft hair, Isobel.  I’ll tell you, I almost never do anything but blonde’s and pastels…but when I popped this hair on and saw this color…it was just too gorgeous not to keep.  The textures from Entwined are just beautiful…too beautiful not to shake it up every now and again ❤

The jewelry consists of the Tereli circlet and earrings from The Plastik (looove The Plastik) and a head crown from Elysium ❤

We Love Role-Play

[Entwined] Isobel @ We ❤ RP
[Azuchi] Cecil Shoulder Left Top Brass @ We ❤ RP
[Azuchi] Cecil Chainmail (use with Slink or Maitreya body) @ We ❤ RP
[Azuchi] Cecil Corset Brass (wear with Maitreya or Slink) @ We ❤ RP
[Azuchi] Cecil Neck Plate Brass @ We ❤ RP
[Azuchi] Cecil Shoulder Left mid Brass @ We ❤ RP
[Azuchi] Pants -Rogue- Battleworn Brown XS
Elysium – Elvira head crown – bronze @ We ❤ RP
:[P]:- Tereli Circlet [Unisex]:// Brass @ We ❤ RP
:[P]:- Tereli Female Earrings:// Brass @ We ❤ RP
:BAMSE: Steam Crusher – Rust @ We ❤ RP
[PXL] Shara Winter natural #2 skin
Bauhaus Movement Anime pose

we love rp new logo

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