The art critic

The Art Critic

Art is not about what you see,
but what you make other see
Edgar Degas

My mom and Uncle were artists… of a sort.  My mom designed clothing, which is cool unless it’s your first day of middle school and you walk in with a Mom original (and everybody else has jeans and a t-shirt on).  My Uncle Buddy lived on a houseboat and moored it wherever the muse sent him…..Mexico, Key West, Cuba (back in the day) and painted for dock fees.  My brother inherated this talent, I most certainly did not. He can draw anything, I can’t draw a decent stickman.  Seriously….when I draw stuff on the board as examples in class….30 teenagers nearly kill themselves laughing…. a few have dared to snap a picture to share.  I took art appreciation in college and it truly opened a world up to me.  I became a fan of museums and galleries and now I’m that person who see’s something and appreciates.  Some art I don’t understand, but so what…somebody does.  I took some students to New York a while back and we went to the Museum of Modern Art on a Friday afternoon (FREE from 4 – 8 pm on Fridays!!) and we were standing by some young arty art critics who were expounding on the symbolism of Jackson Pollock’s #31 …. spoiler here, this is one I truly don’t understand or appreciate…. it was amazing what they had to say about the piece, things I never would have thought about.  One of the boys with me, 16 tops, had mentioned weeks before that Van Gogh’s Starry Night was on his top 10 list (also happens to be one of my favorites), so I led them up to the 5th floor, made the corner where the painting took over the wall it’s mounted on and had one of those “everything I go through is so worth it” moments.  You could hear him take in his breath, as he wasn’t prepared to see that…then he sat on the bench in front of the painting and quietly cried.  We left him there after a bit and he found us maybe an hour later… his face wet, a giant smile on his face.  He hugged me so hard I was afraid a rib wouldn’t make it.  Just one way art changes your life ❤

Newness from White-Widow, AiShA and Wasabi Pills…all from events that just opened in the last few days … all art to be appreciated ❤

[White-Widow] Assassin – Black @ Shiny Shabby
*LODE* Head Accessory – Melody [white]
.AiShA. Tangled Top XS Black @The Fantasy Collective
Wasabi Pills – Celine Mesh Hair @ UBER
Bauhaus Movement – Yuri pose

Painting by Andrei Petrov, “Black and Tan Fantasy”, oil on canvas

White Widow - Assassin

AiShA Tangled top Poster

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