April Fools!

April Fools

Leave it to Sabina Gully of Magika to make and send out a fun hair for April Fools. Deuce is a FREEEEE gift for everyone in the Magika group or on the subscriber list.  The talk in all the groups has been hilarious all morning, so I just had to take a pic.  I was already putting on my Annie head and Mila applier from Belleza, so I figured…why not the poop hair too 🙂  The Mila skin applier is available at the Belleza store now for the MIX event, which just started today.

If you’re not already in Magika’s group…run and join now…it’s free to join and you soooo do not want to miss out on the poop hair….everybody will be wearing it and you’ll be the odd one out!

Magika – Deuce (Free April Fool’s gift for subscribers and group members)
Belleza– Mila sunkissed applier (CATWA mesh head) for MIX
CATWA Annie mesh head
[White-Widow] Assassin Black Tattoo @ Shiny Shabby
Del May – Precious Face pose
HIDEKI – What the f*ck (old gacha item)
*HEXtraordinary* Pygmy Goat – Blue Daisy Jammies – RARE (cause a goat only makes the picture better according to Jarath and Darth)

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