The One Stop Truck Stop

If you’re driving down a long, lonely stretch of Route 66 on a hot dusty day, you wouldn’t be surprised to see a 4 thousand year old (ish!) mom and pop truck stop off to the side of the highway promising the chance to grab a cold drink, a fillup and a bit of nostalgia.  This is where you wanna go to find all those people that never throw a damn thing away, or, if they do, it’s just to the side of the road….where it still lays…like a piece of Americana art.  If you’re lucky that piece of “art” is right down the road from “The World’s Largest Ball of Twine!”….twofer!! ❤ (disclaimer…you’d actually have to get off the highway and take a side trip, the twines not actually on 66)

Kei has her Truck Stop collection out at The Gacha Guardians right now, so you can grab a game hud and go hit up her machine for a piece of true nostalgic Americana art…and then put it down and leave it on the side of a road…perfect ❤

the One Stop Truck Stop on Route 66

Check out Kei’s key (snickers) below for the list of commons, rares and Gift of the Guardian ❤

Kei’s Pallet Truck Stop @ The Gacha Guardians
Kei’s Truck Stop Gas Station (Gift of the Guardian)
Kei’s Pallet Outhouse
Kei’s Rusted Lawnchair (yellow)
Kei’s Pallet Flag & Tires
Kei’s Pallet Signs
Kei’s Beverage Vending Machine
Kei’s Coffee Clutter
Kei’s Burger Vending Machine
Kei’s Triple Gumball Machine
Kei’s Truck Stop Tire Toilet
Kei’s Truck Stop Sink
*ionic* Water Tank
*ionic* Billboard
{anc} NO LIMITS.old electric pole[wash] 13Li
{anc} NO LIMITS // flock of doves [caviar-black] 4Li
[we’re CLOSED] grass field dry
[we’re CLOSED] shrub large bare
[we’re CLOSED] white flowers



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