Springtime Showers

Boudoir’s newest outfit is in store….Springtime White is perfect for the season and it just doesn’t get any more whimsical ❤

When I was at Season’s Story last week I picked up the newest headpiece from Bauhaus Movement…cause I truly can’t resist anything from there… and what a plus that it went with  my Spring outfit!  Ruby is romantic and sexy and absolutely irresistible ❤

Newest hair from eXxEsS…still loving it, and skin from Dulce secret…this was one of their skins at the Skin Fair and it’s still my go to!  Gorgeous scenery brought to you by anc and the innocent pose also comes from Bauhaus Movement and is at The Liaison Collaborative till the end of the month ❤

Bauhaus Movement – Ruby Headpiece ROSE @ The Season’s Story
Boudoir – Springtime White – NEW!
eXxEsS : TOFFEE A (Materials) – NEW!
Dulce Secrets – Siobhan – Jasmine – Bare Skin
{anc} picnic / swallow tailed butterfly [cluster A] emerald 5Li
{anc} picnic / swallowtailedbutterfly [turn]emerald. 2Li
{anc} picnic / swallow tailed butterfly [cluster B] emerald 2Li
{anc} picnic / flower wind turbine(M)gray 1Li
{anc} NO LIMITS. Stairs for sunlight 46Li RARE
{anc} suger rose field [rose] 1Li
Bauhaus Movement – Manga stream 6 @ The Liaison Collaborative

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