Scythia - back

The backside shot is always my favorite…and it worked so well here.  The bows on the back of this beyond smokin’ sexy outfit give it that perfect touch…balance if you will.  This is the LAB737 offering at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival’s newest round.  I was admiring another bloggers shot and happened to mention that I lusted after the set.  Then I logged off and went to babysit…thinking all was good with the world.  I spoke to Darth briefly last night while I was wrangling a 2 year old and he mentioned he had a surprise for me when I logged in.  I was thinking a cool build or a fantastically redone section on the land.  Not so much.


I rezzed in wearing the snow colored ultra rare Scythia outfit and the biggest boobs and butt the scale would allow Darth to go on the Lara body…100 (I usually have them both in the 40’s).  I couldn’t see past the boobs…how do chicks wear them??  I knocked them into everything…I had to totally adjust my camera angle…it’s a bitch finding a pose where your hands don’t disappear into the boobage…he must have had a field day walking around in them last night (why to think twice about giving the bestie the password).  He calls them The Glorious Boobs.  To make matters worse, I hear that Jarath was totally egging him on with support for boob-gate.  I heard he might have thrown out the words bigger …no… no…even bigger (enabler!).  Of course, no record of that conversation exists.  So what have we learned?  1. Darth likes to go on chick avies, dress them up in bondage wear and inflate the boobs and butts… and 2. Jarath likes to watch as another man does this.  Freaks…both of em.  I’d be miffed that he fucked with my numbers if it weren’t for the fact that I now have the Ultra rare…whoooots!  On that note…a shout out and a sales plug. Darth is a beyond generous man who truly likes to make people happy (lets get beyond the fact that he was deliriously happy walking around in my giganto boobed avie).  He played that freaking LAB machine a bajillion (estimated) times till he hit the ultra rare…which means he has a serious number of extras…all the colors and pieces….many of which are rares.  He put some of them up on his MP store and some on his platform for sale.  I beg you to go peruse the wares and pick some up…AND today is his birthday…..Happy Birthday Bestie!  I love you more than chocolate cake ❤

Scythia close up

Also, LAB737 has this adorable bow collar out at We Love Role-Play right now and it goes perfect with the Scythia outfit!  Winner winner chicken dinner!

Belleza– paige sunkissed #3 Skin for MIX
[LAB737] Scythia Headband (snow) ULTRARARE @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
[LAB737] Scythia Top (snow) ULTRARARE @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
[LAB737] Scythia Left Arm (snow) ULTRARARE @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
[LAB737] Scythia Bottom (snow) ULTRARARE @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
[LAB737] Scythia Right Boot (snow) ULTRARARE @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Cherry house-{{C.H}}-Alice afternoon-Tree lights @ The Gacha Garden
[ zerkalo ] Spring Breeze – Armchair @ The Gacha Garden
[ zerkalo ] Spring Breeze – Candle – Seed Of Inspiration @ The Gacha Garden
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Face Pot White Clay – COMMON @ The Gacha Garden
[*Second Star*] Rainy Days – Rain Puddle RARE @ The Gacha Garden
Bauhaus Movement – Yuka Umbrella 3 Pose

front pose:

[LAB737] Bow Collar (snow) @ We Love Role-Play
Bauhaus Movement – Zabrone pose


Gacha Garden Square Logo for Websites __November 2015

we love rp new logo

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