Hell Bound

Hell Bound

So I’ve been dying to use this Iron Throne that DRD has at this round of We Love Role-Play.  I didn’t want to go full out Game of Thrones (actually I did, but I’m attempting to resist the urge) and I was looking for something different…and along comes the Hell Bound outfit from Storybook (Whimsical)and the sinister looking face straps from Axix (Secret Affair).  Wham…perfect!   All I needed now was an evil compatriot sitting on the throne…queue Darth and his ever bulging inventory of menacing avatars…he was changed in less than 3 minutes (which has to be some kind of record).  When I was finished shooting, I let him have his way with the set…..he eviled it up about 10 notches and added some gruesome for effect.  Here’s Darth’s post on his blog “It’s a man’s world“, so you can see the difference…it’s night and day!

Anyway, let’s catch up on some ongoing events shall we?

Whimsical is open until June 8th
The Secret Affair is open until May 31st
Shiny Shabby is open until June 15th
We Love Role-Play is open till May 31st

eXxEsS : CREME B (Materials) – NEW!
Storybook – Hell Bound – Dress – Neutrals RARE @ Whimsical
Storybook – Hell Bound – Wings – Shedim @ Whimsical
Storybook – Hell Bound – Tail – Shedim @ Whimsical
Storybook – Hell Bound – Horns – Shedim @ Whimsical
::Axix:: Morpheus FaceStraps @ The Secret Affair
:[The Plastik]:- Veyliane Heels[ Maitreya-Matched]:// Cameo @ Shiny Shabby
[White-Widow] Invictus Black tattoo
Belleza– Paige, sunkissed # 4 skin

DRD – Iron throne @ We Love Role-Play
Bauhaus Movement – Juliesse Pose
{anc} mist cloud [sungold] 1prim sculpt
[Harshlands] Impaled Corpse 4



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