The Arcade opens once again in a few days on June 1st and if you’re like many SL folks, you’re saving your Lindens and feverishly scanning the teasers on the shopping guide and in blogs and Flick’r to make a list.  I’m here to help….a little.  I’m wearing aislings Karishma collection for the upcoming round and honestly..have you ever seen anything so gorgeous?!  I love love love the tiara and the veil…so delicate.  All the commons and rares include a HUD with 14 gem textures so the possibilities are endless.  To go with the jewelry I pulled out the Lagaan henna tatts from White-Widow and parts of the Chandni outfit from Zaara for a perfect match.  Get your list going peeps…2 days to go till the Arcade is among us!

Incidentally, this was a pretty easy shoot, Darth pulled out his house and plants and I focused…so much so that at some point I was wondering why he was snickering…never a good sign.  I assumed he was sneaking a goat into the shot while I was going through my inventory looking for makeup….but noooooo….much worse…so much worse.  He was photobombing my shot with what has to be the funniest, grossest creature ever.  Here’s my disclaimer…not my fault.  Here’s my warning…1. if you have something in your mouth, swallow now, I can’t do the Heimlich over the Internet…and 2. if you look any further there is a distinct possibility that you will be disgusted, shocked, amazed, bewildered and/or offended…maybe all of these….stop now if you’re tender.  Below is Darth in his newest favorite avie…a slimy, hairy, moronic creature that shocks at first and then makes you laugh till it hurts…especially when you see him walk around or…even worse…twerk.


Warned ya didn’t I?  It’s like you just can’t look away now….and the wtf’s start flying.  So Darth took a long shot and I told him he better cover up my punani (I didn’t have the skirt on) if he showed that pic to anyone…and this is what he did!  Did I say moronic?  And yes, that is mistletoe hanging from the brim of his hat….betchya there’s no takers there.  You know who he reminds me of?  Ever watch that show Cheers…from what..the 80’s?  Carla’s slimy husband Nick..watch this clip and see if you don’t agree!  I’ll bet if Nick’s *cough cough* was long enough, he’d walk around with it in his mouth 🙂

corrupted Karshima


.aisling. Karishma Tiara RARE Soon @ The Arcade!
.aisling. Karishma Veil RARE
.aisling. Karishma Veil Accessory
.aisling. Karishma Tear R {Gold}
.aisling. Karishma Nostril {Gold]
.aisling. Karishma Chin {Gold}
.aisling. Karishma Earrings Long RARE
.aisling. Karishma Chokers {Gold]
.aisling. Karishma Plastron Necklace {Gold]
.aisling. Karishma Long Necklace {Gold]
Belleza– Paige sunkissed # 1 skin
[White-Widow]  Lagaan Henna Tattoo
Ricielli – black glitter eyeshadow & gold eyeliner
Zaara : Chandni blouse (S) *ivory gold*
Zaara : Chandni dupatta (S) *ivory gold*
[Entwined] Ariel Hair
Bauhaus Movement – Riona Pose

aisling Karishma Gachakey 512

White Widow - Lagaan

One thought on “Karishma

  1. Just to let everyone know.. She may know the Heimlich.. but apparently choking on basil leaves doesn’t qualify as needing it…. Oh and IM me in world for my model rates.


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