Uncle Sam’s girl

Uncle Sam's girl

The 4th of July is almost upon us, which means can mean 2 things; 1. a day off work and BBQ if you’re American or 2. you’re not American and could care less (except for the BBQ…you know you want the BBQ).  Independance Day is a pretty big deal to us Americans and we celebrate our freedom on this day with much obnoxiousness.  Everything, and I do mean everything, is red white and blue, including much of the food, which there are massive amounts of and fireworks hit the sky as soon as the sun begins to set.  It’s officially summer.  Boudoir has been making costumes and decorations for the 4th for years and this year they pulled out all the stops with a 4th of July gacha in the store.  Check out the key below and then pass by and play…all the pieces are perfect for a get together come Monday.  The outfit for this year is a frilly, full skirt and corset with puffy sleeves that is accompanied by a matching top hat, shoes and a wearable party tray, all the dressings for a good hostess ❤
Boudoir – Uncle Sam’s Girl outfit w/ hat, shoes and food tray
Boudoir – Fourth of July Party Set RARE
Boudoir – Porter’s Chair Lincoln
Boudoir – Let’s Celebrate! Banner
eXxEsS : CHAMPAGNE A (without hat) NEW!
Bauhaus Movement – Ilanit 01 Pose

Independance Day
Boudoir – American Dream outfit w/ boots and top hat (last years 4th of July outfit, still in store)
Boudoir – Porter’s Chair Uncle Sam RARE
Boudoir – Stripes & Stars Sofa
Boudoir – Vintage Fourth of July Picture Set
eXxEsS : CHAMPAGNE B (without hat) NEW!
Bauhaus Movement – Chopay Pose

Boudoir 4th of July gacha stuff

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