Happy Birthday America! (and me!)

Happy Birthday America!

America is 238 years old tomorrow!  She’s a bit worn…but still holding up.  I’d say we look good for our age, but truly, most countries are a lot older than us…so we’re really still a baby ❤

Also celebrating a birthday is my blog…yayyyyyyyy!  3 years ago today I took the plunge and wondered if anyone other than my friends would actually read me.  I started out with a blank slate and tried all kinds of things….I figured I’d stumble onto a particular style and roll with it.  I actually never did…or more precisely… I found I don’t have a particular style…so that’s what I roll with…whatevaaaaa. So this is my 664th post …. whodathunkit ❤

If you want to celebrate either birthday with me (yes, there IS cake involved) or ya know…just wanna celebrate in a sexy, slinky dress, run over to Boudoir and pick up this adorable 4th of July dress for only 150L…it’s a surprise sale!!

We Love Role-Play opens a new round tomorrow and White-Widow will have this Lights Out tattoo available in white and black…gorgeous!

Wikilectual, my hair, is by Rezology and can be found on the marketplace (in all colors, not just blue) ❤

Boudoir – 4th of July Dress (150L)
rezology Wikillectual (250L)
[White-Widow]  Lights Out white tattoo (225L) @ We Love Role-Play – Opens tomorrow!
[PXL] Shara natural winter #2 Skin
Bauhaus Movement – Zambrone Pose (50L)

White Widow -Lights Out


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