When words fail, Music speaks

When words fail, Music speaks

Short and sweet here…I’m currently in Disney World with kidlets celebrating Isabella’s birthday.  She’s now lucky number 7 and is currently relaxing on one of the beds singing along to Nickelback’s “Rockstar” on YouTube via my phone after playing in the pool.  That, Let it Go and some song from the My Little Pony show is her favorite…I don’t understand it, but there is nothing funnier (or more disturbing if she knew what any of the lyrics meant) than a little girl with a pixie voice singing “‘Cause we all just wanna be big rockstars and live in hilltop houses, drivin’ fifteen cars” at the top of her lungs.  She’s does the same with the Frozen song, doesn’t really know what that one means either…she just knows the rhythm makes her feel happy and in that moment, she is neither shy nor awkward…and that’s what it should be about after all. We had dinner reservations with the princesses this evening and donned out best princess gear (which in Caleb’s case would be his favorite shorts and a mutant ninja turtle t-shirt, cause that’s what all the 13 yr. olds are wearing to meet princesses).  We had tons of pictures taken, accrued many autographs and blushed every time someone told Bella “Happy Birthday Princess!” ….and that’s really what it’s all about ❤

So Bella’s favorite part of her birthday was the cool Elsa cupcake and the birthday card signed by all the princesses, Caleb’s favorite part was all the boiled shrimp and discovering muenster cheese and my favorite part was our waiter, Simen (pronounced semen, not simon…swear), who should be the poster child for why to go to Norway.  Absolutely beautiful, funny, well versed in princess lore and totally engaging when it comes to talking to kids… winner winner, chicken dinner ❤

*ARGRACE* Flat cap / KINOTO (250L, 100%  donation to Wigs for Kids!)@ Hair Fair 2016
[LAB737] Nostalgia Headset @ The Secret Affair
LAQ ~ Mesh Head Trinity 1.0 NEW!
Tee*fy Jayla Dress -Maitreya – Blush from the July Luxebox
[White-Widow] Shallows henna tattoo @ Epiphany
Bauhaus Movement – Zerkalo pose # 50

White Widow - Shallows posterWhite Widow - Shallows gatcha24810684973_c1b32f9cbf_o

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