The Garden of Medusa

The Garden of Medusa

I’ve been looking for the perfect reason to use Boudoir’s new tropical lounge and when I saw Storybook’s Medusa gacha at Epiphany…well…it seemed like an obvious fit…snake in the garden and all that.  Medusa is only 75L per play AND you can trade in your extra’s for the awesome exclusive crown! Romp is still in full swing too, no kidding… packed to the brim, but when you do get in make your way over to the aisling booth and pick up this amazing Edyna collar…you simply cannot own too many collars and you can’t get better than aisling. ❤

Medusa cropped

Also rounding out the picture for maximum awesomeness is White-Widow’s new “Equals” tattoo…and hey….there’s a blue shade in this one!  Not shocking blue…very muted blue…gorgeous>3  Rezology has a new hairstyle out fashioned after Rey in the new Star Wars epic.  You can pick it up using the link to their marketplace below…and fun fact…when you go to the page on Marketplace to check out the hair, there’s a recipe for Lemon Meringue pie there in the description….no lie!

Medusa cropped hand

Lastly, n21 is open till Aug. 12th, you want to go by if you haven’t and grab these Absole bracelets and rings from The Plastik for only 269L for the set.  Look how good they fit!  Of course there is a HUD that you can use to change the gems and metal colors, so you will always match ❤

Ask me how much I still love my LAQ head!  Not a single edit to the face or neck…I just play with the makeup colors and go ❤

Boudoir – Tropical lounge
[White-Widow] Equals – blue tattoo (250L) @ Shiny Shabby till Aug. 15th
rezology Equanimity (250L)- NEW!
.aisling. Edyna Collar (275L) @ ROMP till July 29th
Storybook – Medusa – Crown – EXCLUSIVE @ Epiphany till Aug. 15th
Storybook – Medusa – Dress – Viper (75L per play) @ Epiphany till Aug. 15th
Storybook – Medusa – Snake Wrap – Viper @ Epiphany till Aug. 15th
Storybook – Medusa – Leg Snake – Gold @ Epiphany till Aug. 15th
:[The Plastik]:- Absole Bracelet and rings:// HUD-Controlled (269L) @ n21 till Aug 12
LAQ ~ Mesh Head Trinity 1.0 – NEW! (3,100L)
Bauhaus Movement – Akej pose (arms modified)(50L)

28223630361_0c569a9462_oWhite Widow -Equals



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