Sayōnara Hair Fair 2016

Bidding goodbye to Hair Fair 2016

Hair Fair 2016 will close the doors to another successful fundraising year tomorrow night.  I’m always sad to see it go, but rejoice in the good the event has brought about (not to mention the plethora of hair styles I have acquired).  One such hair was Curious Kitties Kimiko hair, which was 100L AND the entire amount is donated to Wigs for Kids….now that’s a must buy.  Paired up with the tres blah’s kimono from July’s Luxe Box , Just Because’s Samantha Skirt and some jewelry from Tantalum….perfect.  Run over and do a 1 more time spin around….you’ll find something else you want…and grab any free gifts that you may have missed.  Most importantly, don’t forget tomorrow is Bandana Day!  We all forgo our fancy shmancy locks and spend the day bald…and perhaps with a nice bandana or hat.  There are bandana’s for sale at the fair for 50L…pick one or two up so you are not the odd sl’er out tomorrow!

Nyanotech Hair [Type B] – Kimiko V3 (100L) @ Hair Fair 2016
-tres blah- Ken Kimono (Maitreya)(from the July Luxe Box)
*Just Because* Samantha Skirt – Black – Lara (200L)
~Tantalum~ Rissa Necklace @ The Black Dot Project till tomorrow
~Tantalum~ Rissa Earrings @ The Black Dot Project till tomorrow
~Tantalum~ Serena Ring (120L) @ ReVamped
LAQ ~ Mesh Head Trinity 1.0 (3,100L)
Bauhaus Movement – Vanessa Pose (50l)

Curious Kitties 100% donation hair_Just BECAUSE_ Samantha Skirt - AD~Tantalum~ Rissa Collection~Tantalum~ Serena RingHappy Bandana Day - July 31st 2016

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