Meet me in the pouring rain

Meet me in the pouring rain

To date, one of my favorite hairs has been the  Hikari hair from Argrace….truly the best wetlook hair in SL. It’s everybody’s go-to when you need that dripping wet hair look..and now there’s more.  Chizuru is the long version, and like it’s shorter version sibling, Enju, it is quite unisex.  There is an accessories hud that lets you choose just how many water droplets you you decide how long you’ve been out of the pool, or ocean, or rain…you get the idea.  As it is from Argrace, you know the quality and you can’t go wrong.  Chizuru came out yesterday and I’ve seen a few pictures so far in Flickr and on people, but I expect I will be seeing many many more in the days, months and years to come ❤

Also, The mesh Body Addicts Fair has been open a whole day and a half and it it packed.  You’ll need a couple of tries to get in unless you’re lucky.  Azuchi made this smexy long sleeve shirt and shorts for the event for only 199L each.  There are 12 shirt colors to pick from and 6 shorts colors, so get the fatpacks and make the possibilities endless! ❤

[Azuchi] Kylie Long Sleeve White *Maitreya Exclusive* (199L) @ The Mesh Body Addicts Fair
[Azuchi] Kylie Shorts White *Maitreya Exclusive* (199L) @ The Mesh Body Addicts Fair
LAQ ~ Mesh Head Trinity 1.0 (with default skin) NEW! (3,100L)
{anc} drizzle [wide] 1Li / for night (350L)
Bauhaus Movement – Zerkalo 45 pose


Azuchi Kylie

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