A heart is not judged on how much you love

A heart is not judged  by how much you love

A heart is not judged on how much you love
but how much you are loved by others
The Wizard to the Tin Man, The Wizard of Oz

The Tin Man was always my favorite of the heros in The Wizard of Oz.  His quest for a heart touched audiences, as all he wanted was the capacity to love….while all along he was the tenderest and loving of them all.  Enchantment has built the yellow brick road and beckons you to come revisit a childhood favorite.  Walk the path with bemusement while perusing the Oz themed goodies to be had…you won’t be able to resist.  The Tin Lady kitty is a special edition kitty from 2014 RFL and can only be purchased from someone willing to sell theirs (anywhere from 3,000 to 5,000L typically), but is she not the most adorable thing!?  When I saw that Slack Girl made a tin lady hat/hood/thingie and makeup, I couldn’t resist doing a picture with a borrowed kittie ❤

The Atelier skybox, from Garden of Dreams (GOD) is amazing!  I won it at an auction during the Fantasy Fair a few years ago and it is truly spectacular.  I’ve always thought of it as the Tinkers Cottage, as this is what Darth called his post the first time he found and used the skybox…truly magical ❤

Enchantment LM      Shopping Guide

*Artisan Fantasy* Tornado Chandelier @ Enchantment
::Slack Girl:: TinDoll Mesh Oil can hood @ Enchantment
::Slack Girl:: TinDoll Makeup @ Enchantment
{ATW} Oz Sketches – Tinman @ Enchantment
CMFF – FemDroid (Weathered)
KittyCats – Tin Lady Kitty (RFL 2014 A Journey of Promise)
*GOD* Dream Scene Skybox – Atelier

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