Let me be as a Feather

Let me be as a feather

Let me be as a feather
Strong, with purpose
yet light at heart, able to bend
And, tho I might become frayed
able to pull myself together again
Anita Sams

Sooooooo…big news of the week…LAQ had sent out an update on the Trinity head!  The update includes 10 new expressions, improved hair fitting, 2 new eyelashes, 3 new teeth, and extended Omega support.

Trinity update+

Also, there are some fabulous new appliers that Mallory updated for Trinity … I’m wearing Kate…is she not gorgeous!?

Also in news, the Fantasy Collective just opened, run over and pick up the striking YeaH headpiece and necklace from Bauhaus Movement and the smexy Azeb top from Azuchi…they go so well together!  The Allied tattoo is from White-Widow, it comes in white, henna and black and you can pick it up at the Fetish Fair along with all kinds of interesting gadgets and such ❤

Just because…I was over at anc the other day looking at some more pretty flowers and I saw these feathers…I swear…I couldn’t live without them…or the flowers…or, well…anything else there ❤

LAQ ~ Mesh Head Trinity 1.5 – NEW UPDATE (head is 3,100L, update is free)
LAQ ~ Kate Head Applier for Trinity mesh head (990L)
White-Widow – Allied Tattoo, Henna (300L) @ the Fetish Fair
Bauhaus Movement – YeaH! Fashion Headpiece// BROWN (GOLD) (249L) @ The Fantasy Collective
Bauhaus Movement – YeaH! Fashion Necklace // BROWN (GOLD) (199L) @ The Fantasy Collective
[Azuchi] Azeb Top Spice **Maitreya Exclusive** (249L)  @ The Fantasy Collective
~Tantalum~ Haskett Ring @ The LoveCraft Festival
{anc} feather chips {gold & black} (fatpack 875L)
Bauhaus Movement – Riona Pose (50L)

bauhaus movement yeah set

White Widow - Allied

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