Natural Falls

Natural Falls

My friend Dann just recently moved to a full sim and has been spending the last few months doin’ it up.  The sim is called Natural Falls…which sounds calm and serene and landscapy….it’s not.  The entire sim is submerged, which I love love love, and somewhat neglected (which I love even more).  Natural Falls has most assuredly fallen into disrepair.  While walking the “land” one comes across little pockets of wonder, interest, decay and chaos.  The sim is open to all to come investigate…and a bonus if you’re a photographer and/or blogger…join the group and get rezz rights!  The picture above was taken not far from the landing point in front of DRD’s post apocalyptic camp collection (I fell in love with the downed  repurposed plane).  Below is just one small section of what may have been a nice town some time ago.


This is the landing point.  There are jars to the left to join the group, which as I said before, grants you rezz rights…just be sure to clean up after yourself!


Now I don’t want you to think that the entire sim is a post apocalyptic town, there are many areas of open water interspersed with odds and ends.


I could show you dozens of pictures, none the same….but not in one post.  All this week I will be at the sim taking pictures and I will share them on my posts…stay tuned!  Do take some time in your SL day and pop by for a look see, you will walk away richer for the experience.  Keep the LM saved, you’ll want to come back ❤

Natural Falls

Lamb. Go Easy @ The Arcade
[Black Bantam] Make Human Pooki Mesh Head Doll Face Latte (125L) @ We Love Role-Play
AZOURY fixed YUDU Headphone Turquoise (244L) @ We Love Role-Play
Eudora3D Eithne Necklace Silver (270L) @ We Love Role-Play
Moon Elixir – Rebel – Shirt – Maitreya (249L each) @ We Love Role-Play
DRD – Post Apocalyptic Camp Collection (1,700L for the fat pack)@ The Crossroads
Bauhaus Movement – Elena Pose (50L)
Tree’s (mostly the weeping willows)  by Little Branch (who incidentally just open a new mainstore!)


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