Bad girl


Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere  (well known fact)

I was a goody goody (sort of) in school.  I didn’t do my homework once….ONCE…in 3rd grade and Sister Mary Margaret kept me after school and made me do the missed homework in the convent until my dad got off work and came to pick me up.  I’m not sure who I feared more when they were angry…Sister or my dad.  Sister made it clear to my father that she was disappointed and my dad made it clear to me that it would never happen again.  I couldn’t sit for a week (ironic that I have the spank me sign on huh?!) and it never happened again.  Funny thing is though, the minute I graduated from high school and got a decent job and an apartment in the same complex as my friends…all bets were off.  I had a cute little red chevette with that very sticker about where bad girls go.  I got lots of honks at red lights.  I looked younger than my age so more than a few guys thought I was still in high school and sneaking out (I usually did not correct this assumption).  I had wild hair, changed the color on a whim, wore copious amounts of makeup, short skirts, hooker heels and I’d stay out clubbing till the sun came up.  Then I’d change, brush my hair down and go to work.  Rinse and repeat.  Good times…good times.

I am reliving those days through the Whore Couture Fair, especially since the theme is Back to School.  The hoe vibe is strong with this event, as you would expect it to be and the designers did not disappoint.  I love the Fleurine heels from MoDanna and the shorts from Suicidal Unborn are so smexily adorable!  And the spank me paper…too funny! ❤

On a side note…”somebody” thought it would be funny to put the “for a good time” writing on the chalkboard…and look at the number he used! (who gets it?)

Tameless – Ainsley @ Whore Couture Fair 2016 till Oct. 1st
Birth – Alura lipstick for Catwa mesh heads @ Whore Couture Fair 2016
[Fetch] Prissy Collar @ Whore Couture Fair 2016
*Merlific* Tie Plaid Purple @ Whore Couture Fair 2016
*Merlific* Spank Me sheet! @ Whore Couture Fair 2016
-Suicidal Unborn!- Patched Shorts @ Whore Couture Fair 2016
[Since1975] – Shopping Bag @ Whore Couture Fair 2016
MoDanna – Fleurine Shoes @ Whore Couture Fair 2016
Facade – dazed tattoo @ Whore Couture Fair 2016
BellePoses – Alicia chair w/poses @ Whore Couture Fair 2016

Sari-Sari – Old School – Chalkboard
Sari-Sari – Old School – Flashcards
Sari-Sari – Old School – Notebook
Sari-Sari – Old School – Library Books


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