Pale September


Pale September
I wore the time
Like a dress that year
The autumn days
Swung soft around me
Like cotton on my skin
But as the embers
Of the summer
Lost their breath
And disappearred
My heart went cold and
Only hollow rhythms
Resounded from within
But then he rose
Brilliant as the moon in full
And sank in the
Burrows of my keep
And all my armour
Falling down
In a pile at my feet
And my winter giving
Way to warm
As I’m singing him to sleep

Pale September – Fiona Apple

Short and sweet….today’s my rezz dayyyyyyy!  I’m the big number 8 today…..go me go me go me!  So 8 years ago today at about 10am-ish I was sitting in my classroom (I’m a teacher) with my digital media and animation class and we were building Roxi.  We had seen an article about Second Life on that website, How Stuff Works, and it peaked our interest.  Took us 3 days to figure out how to get off Orientation Island….and find a place to go (freebie world and free dove…are those still around?).  We saw a Shakespeare play in the Globe Theatre and wandered around the grounds of Princeton University’s sim.  We started hanging out at sandboxes learning how to build and script….a couple of the kids got ridiculously good at it…it was our Friday thing to do.  The first time Shelby and Stephanie saw a chick with decent hair they went nuts….we didn’t realize our shit was shit till we saw the good shit…and so goes the credit card.  It always gives me the warm fuzzies to think about those days and remember the joy when Edder discovered that Roxi could fly and Moonie made an upside down toilet plunger garden that glowed different colors…good times ❤


January, 2009 @ not quite 4 months old, my first picture (I looooved that dress, and that’s the “good” hair that we bought!).  Don’t be a hater…we all started from scratch ❤

Catwa – candy mesh head
:: Purple Moon :: Audrey Pearl Necklace -natural- (179L)@ The Liaison Collaborative till Sept. 30th
*Just Because* Silvia Dress (200L) @ Uber till Oct. 23rd
Little Branch_UmbrellaThorns.v2{4Seasons} (386L) @ Cosmopolitan till Oct. 8th
Little Branch_WildGrass*1Li{Autumn}
Little Branch_Bouton d’or Orange{Field}
Bauhaus Movement – Elena pose (50L)

2 thoughts on “Pale September

  1. i tend to get sentimental when i think of my last eight years on second life…i had my rezz day in july…seems that back then everyone was much friendlier, and i had so many boyfriends…and friends…my daughter started SL two weeks before me, so i had some help, in getting started.
    Now i tend to stay to myself, having an interest in photography, and took me a whole day to figure out how to create a blog.
    My friends now, seem to be busy with real life school and things and hardly get on SL any more, but i love to log in everyday.
    Looking forward to Beneto, and being able to adjust our mesh heads, and how our fingers will move. Am ready for the next 8 years in SL…by than i will be getting Social Security…and maybe a chip will be emplanted in my cortex, so that i can play second life laying down…


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