Dark Fantasies


“Last night you were unhinged,
you were like some desperate howling demon.
You frightened me.
Do it again”

Morticia Addams

The Liaison Collaborative is bringing in the sexy for this dark and spooky season with Dark Fantasies, their theme for the event this month.  The doors opened yesterday afternoon with a spectacular selection of designers and creations …. think of an R (or X) rated Morticia and Gomez and you get the idea ❤

The Liaison Collaborative

*Tukinowaguma* Edfeldt Hair (250L) @ TLC
Zibska – Seraphine Collar and Headpiece (250L) @ TLC
Zibska – Sorcha lipstick (300L) @ TLC
Le Poppycock – Dark Matter Eyes – Revenge (gacha, 50L per play) @ TLC
Izzie’s – Insomnia smeared mascara tattoo (129L) @ TLC
Nanika – Dead Bride Tattoo – black (199L) @ TLC
Entice – Earned It – Leather Bra, Belt & Panties – Maitreya (250L per set) @ TLC
[Black Tulip] The Black Swan (95L) @ TLC
[Black Tulip] The darkness in me pose (95L) @ TLC
Sway’s [Eris] floor candelabra . black (185L) @ TLC



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