Out of the Box Hunt




So you know you love hunts…I love hunts…everybody loves hunts.  I have one for you that started today……the Out of The Box Hunt @ The ScratchNpost.  It started today and runs through the 27th, culminating in a wild end of hunt party on the sim.

This Hunt is sponsored by Second U Magazine, [ kunst ], Essences, unKindness, 7mad;Ravens, Heartsdale Jewellery, Flippant, Whisper, Baby Monkey, Digitize, Dekute Dekore/Dekute Pet Depot, KOSMETIK, Winterwood, Paprika Designs & [RUBY]. Total boxes to look for is 16.  At this moment there are 14 boxes out, so expect a few more to be slid in any minute! I wrangled Darth into doing the hunt with me earlier and I don’t wanna throw out any spoilers, but the awesome shoes I’m wearing may or may not be in the hunt (okay, they are….jeez)  Not just the tan color either, there’s a HUD with 10 gorgeous Fall colors….and did I mention all the hunt prizes are freeeeee!  Go grab them!!


So to recap…..fun hunt….free stuff…move it or lose it!

Click here to get to the starting point!

The hunt item you will be looking for is this:



Baby Monkey – Lucie Pumps, Maitreya @ the Out of The Box Hunt

[SURPLUS MOTORS] Chevelle MOG2 – old group gift
~Dirty Rat~Diner
~Dirty Rat~Gas Station
Bauhaus Movement – Zina pose (tipped sideways, lol)

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