She comes by night


She comes by night, in fearsome flight,
in garments black as pitch,
the queen of doom upon her broom,
the wild and wicked witch
Jack Prelutsky

Well, I’ve been afk a couple of days.  I’d like to say I was lazing on the beach in Aruba…really….I’d love to say that…but truth be told, my graphics card is being a shithead.  At least that’s the prevailing theory.  My computer is almost 2 years old and when it was shiny new, the graphics card was top of the line…which as we all know means it’s a dinosaur now.  Not only is it a challenge in SL, but working on my editing program is a lesson in patience.  Luckily, I had sucked it up when I ordered the computer from Lenovo and got the best warranty…which means a guy is actually coming out to my house to work on it and possibly replace the card…whoooots!  Until then I’m on my pretty good but less than fabulous laptop, so bear with me ❤

So today, stuff at We Love Role-Play……fun, kick ass, witchy stuff…cause ya know….tis the season.  The freaking adorable bike broom and floppy witch hat are from Aisha and the kick ass outfit is Wicca’s Wardrobe.  The boots don’t go with this set, they actually go with the Tabitha set that Wicca’s has out at the Gacha Guardians right now.  I absolutely love them and haven’t taken them off yet.  The “moon” is a makeshift one, it’s a Big Bubble from E.V.E and it is actually that big!  There are smaller ones in the pack…all the way down to the little ones orbiting (dancing) around me.  The big one is not only cool in the colors, but it also slowly spins….how awesome would this look sunk halfway down in water!?  Yep, that’s happening as soon as I log in.

To round out the night sky I used anc’s shooting stars, which look amazing in any setting…I keep them over a part of my beach so that whenever I look out towards the ocean I see them.  The anc mist clouds are equally awesome (as is every freaking thing from anc) and have a place sitting right atop the ocean water for a cool effect.

The BAMF hair is pretty punkish and part of rezology’s efforts to update all their hairstyles to reflect lower ARC levels (avatar rendering complexity) without losing any of the quality ❤

rezology BAMF
.AiShA. Vintage Bike Broom Laying Brown @ We<3RP
.AiShA. Ogg Hat Red @ We<3RP
Wicca’s Wardrobe – Samara Top (Maitreya) @ We<3RP
Wicca’s Wardrobe – Samara Pants (Maitreya) @ We<3RP
Wicca’s Wardrobe – Samara Bracelet (upper arm) @ We<3RP
Wicca’s Wardrobe – Samara Bracelet (lower arm) @ We<3RP
Wicca’s Wardrobe – Tabitha Boots [RARE]  MAITREYA for the Gacha Guardians
E.V.E Big Bubble {Gold Translucent} @ We<3RP
E.V.E Dancing Bubbles {Gold Translucent} @ We<3RP
E.V.E Dancing Fireflies {Vanilla} @ We<3RP
{anc} mist cloud [sungold] 1prim sculpt
{anc} shooting star {RAIN}moonlight 2Li


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