Continuing on with our Halloween themes, The Freakshow – Carnivale opened yesterday and you can bet there aren’t any fluffy pink kitties or glittery unicorns there (unless they’re covered in blood with maybe an eyeball dangling out an some guy with a bat is hanging around).  Nerp…creepy desert setting with a creepy rundown carnival atmosphere …that’s what you get…. and you know that’s what you want ❤

Also recently opened is Shiny Shabby, which is full of everything you need for the season …including this amazing outfit, Kynareth, from The Plastik, in more colors than you care to count and a HUD that makes the deal even crazier ❤

Bauhaus Movement – Lethargica Mask (370L for the set)@ The Freakshow till Nov. 13th
Bauhaus Movement – Lethargica Collar @ The Freakshow
Bauhaus Movement – Lethargica Key @ The Freakshow
Bauhaus Movement – Lethargica Blood @ The Freakshow
+ Lamb. Miss Mabel – Variety/Ombre/Eccentric
:[The Plastik]:- Kynareth [Mait Corset & sleeves-MATCH]:// Smoke (469L each set) @ Shiny Shabby
Bauhaus Movement – Harumi Pose (50L) (left arm slightly modified)


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