Autumn Bliss


Every leaf speaks bliss to me,
fluttering from the autumn tree
Emily Bronte

So this is what I live with people….anarchists.  Those who would plot to sabotage my hard work.  Probably communist, definitely a malcontent.  I speak of the freaking photo bombing goat on the far left of my picture standing on my beautiful deer’s back.   This would be the work of Jarath Goldrozen…that’s right…naming names … persistent, goat-loving photo bomber.  You’d think I would do a regular goat check when taking a shot…. but nooooooo…I’m too busy thinking about things like composition and color pallet.  I didn’t see the bastid till I was done editing and actually, may not have noticed had Darth not pointed it out to me.  He probably knew it was there all along….conspirator!

Anyway….fabulous new hairdo from Argrace!  A shoulder length breezy bob that sets off the face beautifully ❤

We Love Role-Play opened yesterday to a huge crowd…all excited to see what lovely autumn-y things were in store for them.  If you want to get a list together, check out the shopping guide before you pop over…so many goodies! ❤

.:EMO-tions:. * DAJANA * Corset (242L) @ We Love Role-Play
:[The Plastik]:- Potius Necklace [Med-Stout] (249L) @ We Love Role-Play
:[The Plastik]:- Potius Necklace [Choker] @ We Love Role-Play
:[The Plastik]:- Potius Earring [L-Tall] @ We Love Role-Play
[White-Widow] – Loving Tattoo – pink (225L each) @ We Love Role-Play
an lar – The Citrine Series Pose # 2 (100L for the set) @ We Love Role-Play
LAQ – Trinity 1.5 mesh head (3,100L)
Belleza– Olivia applier, sunkissed (899L)


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