C’est Moi


Tannenbaum Holiday Market opened today with a wealth of Christmas goodies (and perhaps a Hannukah item or two).  We are talking easily a hundred top notch vendors … enough to make you dizzy with anticipation.  The designers also made a special set of ornaments (or perhaps sweets) to put into a gacha and all the machines are set from 25 to 50L per play.  Need a tree to put those ornaments on you say?  Botanical has 3 to choose from right in the middle of the gacha ring for only 250L each (and only 2li each!!)! ❤


The gacha section is set off to the side in a lovely wooded area where you can also grab a pair of skates and hit the pond ……


Or just relax with a mug of Hot Cocoa….yummmmmm ❤


You may also need a pretty winter white outfit to do all of your shopping in!  Just Because has some brand new separates now in the main store at only 200L each.  There are of course many more colors other than white available….but really….any excuse to wear winter white works for me ❤

Lastly….gooooorgeous necklace from Bauhaus Movement, C’est Moi, available at Shiny shabby right now! ❤
Doe: Kimmie hair for Tannenbaum 
Bauhaus Movement – C’est Moi Necklace / GOLD (250L) @ Shiny Shabby
*Just Because* Aubrey Shirt – NEW!
*Just Because* Chrissy Pants – NEW!
[The Skinnery] Opal applier for Catwa (appliers for other heads too!) for Tannenbaum 
Catwa – Candy mesh head
Bauhaus Movement – Full Metal Panic female pose (50L) @ The Liaison Collaborative



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