The Emperors Family Photo


There’s always one in the family.  You plan, you pick out cute matchy clothes, you threaten the kidlets with no fish snacks if they even think about getting dirty, you finally gather everyone together for the perfect family pic and the dayam teenager has to go belly surfing down the nearest slope right when the camera snaps the pic.  That’s when you seriously think about sending him to live with your sister a few ice floes over. ❤

So yeah….Jian made these magnificent Emperor Penguins for Tannenbaum.  You get the whole package, which includes companions, wandering, walking and sliding penguins as well as chicks & adults that are static…all for only 450L!

All you need after that is snow…lots of snow…and BAM! {anc} has snow right there at Tannenbaum!  If you want some good ground snow, {anc} has that also at the store….so no excuses ❤

Jian – Emperor Penguins, adults and chicks @ Tannenbaum
{anc} snow flake field // animated 1Li MESH (249L) @ Tannenbaum
{anc} snow ground (mesh uneven ground) white 1Li


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