Cause all the girls love it


Teach me how to Dougie – Cali Swag District

Odd name for a post right?  I had finished the shot and was working on my notecard when I decided I needed some music…and maybe to dance.  I have this music/dance hud that almost always sits in the corner of my screen and it has super fun clips and dance animations on it.  My favorite is The Dougie… I dunno why…I just love it.  I had never heard the song before Darth gave Jareth and myself and a bunch of other peeps the hud 3 or 4 years ago, but it quickly became my “go to” happy song/dance.  Funny story….a few years ago I was at the senior prom with another teacher and we were standing by the dance floor admiring the dresses when The Dougie came on.  I had never heard it out in rl and I yelled out (perhaps a bit too loud)  “OhMahGahhhhhh I LOVE this song!”  (things teenagers never think they’re gonna hear their teacher say) Talk about getting some attention!  Half the kids thought I was being sarcastic (I usually am) and the other half insisted on teaching me the dance.  I’ll tell ya, it’s kind of hard doing those moves in a classy formal and I used that as my excuse for the ensuing awkwardness.  Anyway, that’s what I thought of when I was working on my notecard last night.  Here I am in this classy, rather snug dress and fancy schmancy headphones and I’m doin’ the Dougie.  One of the lines in the song (my favorite actually) is “cause all the bitches love it”.  The official YouTube version is the clean version though…so we’ll keep it that way ❤

Bauhaus Movement – Anouk Headphones NO/Wire GOLD (225L) @ Crossroads
Bauhaus Movement – Anouk Choker GOLD (GIFT!) @ Crossroads
[Aleutia] Eon – Maitreya (300L for a single color, 1,350L for a 5 pack) @ The Frozen Fair 2016
Akeruka – Nami Mesh Head 1.3 (also a Bento head in the package!) NEW! (1,699L) @ the Sanarae Event till Dec. 18th

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