Kiss 2016 goodbye


For better or worse we are about to depart 2016.  If you follow FaceBook, all you see right now are people bidding a hasty and sometimes bitter goodbye to the year.  2016 was a contentious year full of surprises ….and not always the fluffy kind like a kitten popping out of a box. Times are changing.  I’ve always tried to stay optimistic and find what good in any situation I can.  This past year I have found myself sounding jaded and cynical.   Here’s my best analogy for my current state of mind: Year before last, beginning of summer, my daughter called me crying because Jon Snow had been killed (Game of Thrones).  She was devastated and she was never watching the show again.  I tried to assure her he’d be fine, he was a major character…blah blah blah.  She went on to tell me how 5 seasons of the show had emotionally worn her down….good guys were gutted left and right…evil always prevailed…tragedy was everywhere.  She was done.  She didn’t believe good would ever win out…that the tide could turn and that asshats DO get their comeuppance.  I immediately sat her down the next day and made her watch Space Balls, Galaxy Quest and A Knight’s Tale with me.  It cheered her up, but she still didn’t believe.  Fast forward 10 months or so and the new season starts.  Becca insists she’s not watching, so I watched for her.  Sure enough, Jon Snow is brought back to life, he is reunited with his sister, he finds new purpose.  Within the 10 episodes of the season Daenerys kicks some major evil butt, bad people perished left and right in ways that gave such satisfaction, slaves were freed, dragons were freed, an army was amassed to fight the asshats and the tide had turned….good was on the winning side.  Becca’s entire stance on the show (and perhaps life) has turned also…her negativity is gone and she now cheerfully awaits the next season to (hopefully) watch Daenerys’ army obliterate anyone in her path.  It probably won’t be a happily ever after ending where the animals are singing and cleaning the house, but it will surely be better than the good guys all getting their throats slashed (or heads cut off).  I feel like I have a pretty hard time being optimistic about the state of affairs in my world, my country, my state, my city, my workplace….you get the point.  I find myself saying “are you fucking kidding me” more often than not. We had a politician running for office here and in one of his commercials he said (I swear I’m quoting this word for word) “I believe that love is the answer (pause) but you aughta own a handgun just in case”.  One sentence people.  And he was elected.  What. The. Fuck.

So, I need to sit down with the new year and revisit Space Balls and Galaxy Quest and A Knight’s Tale…perhaps Young Frankenstein too….and those funny cat meme’s…I sooo need those in my life.  I have resolved that I will dig out my inner optimistic.  I would like to think that this year, good will win out, the tide will turn and asshats will get their comeuppance.  And maybe the animals will start singing and cleaning my house…that’d be nice too ❤

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