Silent Light



8f8 for January’s Deco(C)rate.  Deco(c)rate is a monthly mystery box filled with 15 high quality, original mesh items from SL’s best home, garden & deco designers delivered directly to your inventory every month.  PreOrdered boxes are 1,500L…past boxes are 3,000L. ❤

Little Branch has season change Maple trees out at The Liaison Collaborative right now for only 286 ❤

8f8 – Silent Light – Winter for Deco(C)rate
Little Branch_MapleForest{4Seasons} (286L) @ The Liaison Collaborative
Little Branch_Snakeweed{4Seasons} @ The Liaison Collaborative
Soy. Snow covered woods [Snow Base] -Low
Soy. Snow covered woods [Wood-A] -Low
Soy. Snow covered woods [Wood-B]
Soy. Snow covered woods [Wood-B] -Low
Soy. Mini Igloo Lantern [Type-A]
Soy. Mini Igloo Lantern [Type-B]
{anc} snow flake field // animated 1Li MESH
3D Trees – winter dog rose (more snowy) 1 prim + snowy ground 1 prim (25L)





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