Happy Mardi Gras!


Spoiler alert…it’s Mardi Gras weekend!  Boudoir has a Carnivale costume out and it comes in 4 different colors to make everyone happy.  There is a Mardi Gras version with the green, purple and gold….but I figured my friends sharing the pic were colorful enough.

This, by the way, is not how normal folk dress for the parades and festivities, pretty much only the Queen of the crew and her court “Vegas” it up with the headdresses and truly not a lot of chicks will be quite this undressed.  I feel inclined to butcher a quote from the guy on the Farmers Insurance commercial (since I was born and raised in New Orleans)….I know a thing or two cause I’ve seen a thing or two.  Normal folk…locals and tourists…wear an eclectic range, from tie died anything to elaborate group themed costumes.  Being that this year’s  weather forecast is said to be one of the warmest in a very long time (80’s ish temps), there will no doubt be an overabundance of skimpy costumes in the Quarter.  Perhaps a few will stretch the term “clothed”, usually there’s a chick or two with nothing but body paint on a warm day … and that goes for the guys too…they are just as happy to walk around nearly naked.

People watching is one of the best parts of Mardi Gras, with catching goodies (moon pies…yummmm) from passing floats a close second and king cakes rounding out the top 3.  You may be surprised that drinking isn’t on that list…nor is flashing boobs.  Permit me to elaborate.  If you’re a local, you can drink anytime, all the time.  We have bars that are open 24hrs throughout the year…you can walk down the streets with a “go” cup filled to the brim with your choice of adult beverage…you can buy booze anywhere, including gas stations, anytime.  Hell…we have drive-thu daiquiri shops…how crazy is that!  So yeah….drinking…big deal.  Lots more fun to watch the tourists drink anyway.  As for the boobs….not the locals…our Momma’s might see that shit.  99% of those girls (and some guys) are from somewhere else…as are the guys (and some girls) crowded around them snapping pics.  Folks, they have strip clubs on Bourbon 5 feet away from the flashers with a plethora of naked boobs and/or barely covered schlongs swinging about (probably better looking too).  Cover charge usually gets you a drink..so hey…win win!

Anyway, Boudoir also has some Mardi Gras decorations and furniture in a gacha machine at the store so you can party your place up this week ❤

Boudoir – Samba De Janeiro Costume Collection – White (550L each)
rezology Sky 263 (253L) – NEW!
Lumae – Ella T2 Cameo Applier for Catwa (495L) @ Enchantment till March 4th
Catwa – Candy mesh head
Boudoir – Mardi Gras Harlequin 1 from the Mardi Gras Gacha (50L per play)
Boudoir – Mardi Gras Harlequin 2 from the Mardi Gras Gacha
Boudoir – Mardi Gras Party Sign from the Mardi Gras Gacha



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