Genesis Lab for Skin Fair 2017


Skin Fair 2017 has officially been open a day now and it is the place to be.  Check out that link for all the info you need, including LM’s to both sims, a map and the shopping guide. Also, for the next couple of days, to create as lag-free an experience as possible for everyone there is a complexity limit of 75,000. Here’s how to lower your ARC:

  • Detach all unnecessary worn objects, HUDs and consider wearing applier clothes on your body.
  • Reduce the number of scripted objects you’re wearing (e.g. hair with resize scripts)
  • Go invisible with one of your full body alpha’s! (that was my idea, not theirs) 🙂

So today’s preview is the new bento head from Genesis Lab, Jane.    Jane is, of course, gorgeous and comes with an amazing amount of fun choices on both her regular make-up HUD and her animation HUD, including braces and tongue piercings.  Along with Jane, Genesis Lab also has 3 beautiful skins at the fair, Jane, Halle and Fei (from the picture, respectively).  They are all stunning…but I think I like Fei best ❤

Also new are 2 hairdo’s from rezology, Butterfly 197 and 198…both bobs…both adorbs ❤

And yeah, I went and bought the fatpack for Blueberry’s Rylai Tight Dress….I just couldn’t decide which pattern to buy…or which solid…..damn you Blueberry!! Seriously though, when faced with a tough decision like that and your considering buying 2, 3 or 4 of the dresses for 199L each….it’s just a smart move to drop 1,299 on alllll of them….especially when you get 10 extra dresses in the fatpack…thats 28 designs all together!! ❤

rezology Butterfly 198 (left and right) and 197 (center) NEW! (253L each)
Genesis_Head_Jane_3.2 Bento @ Skin Fair 2017
Genesis Lab Skin Applier – Jane w/default Jane shape (left)  @ Skin Fair 2017
Genesis Lab Skin Applier – Halle w/default Halle shape (center)  @ Skin Fair 2017
Genesis Lab Skin Applier – Fei w/default Fei shape (right)  @ Skin Fair 2017
Blueberry – Rylai Tight Dress for Maitreya (bought the fatpack….sooo many choices!)
Bauhaus Movement – Flowers Group pose (head slightly modified on left and center)

Genesis Jane


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