Spring has Sprung


Spring has Sprung

Spring has SPRUNG….at least down South it has.  While hoping that Darth doesn’t virtually throw something at me (it’s still freaking freezing up North in his ‘hood), it was a beautiful 70 degrees (21c for my non-US friends) today with a bit of a breeze.  We had state standardized testing this morning and spent the rest of the afternoon letting the kids relax outside in the much-awaited sunshine.  It was nice to sit under the shade of a tree and watch kids play frizbee ❤

Anyway…back to work!  The Skin Fair 2017 preview for today is Lumae’s Ella for the Catwa head.  Delicate perfection…that’s what Ella is.  I have to tell ya’, I’ve mentioned it in previous Skin Fair posts but it bears repeating….there is no editing going on here, I used Annan Adored optimal skin wind light and that’s it …the skin is this beautiful.  I have always been a fan of Lumae and I truly think she outdid herself here.  I’m wearing Catwa’s Lona head from the fair and the Shell tone for Ella’s applier.  I chose the freckles version…cause…duh.  I’m also wearing the shape for Ella and Lumae’s Maitreya body applier cause I want to be all matchy matchy.  The fair closes on the 26th, which means you have 5 days to get in and go nuts. ❤

Other events still happening…or just opened in Shiny Shabby’s case.  The Secret Affair’s theme this round is Imaginarium and I truly think LuLu’s whimsical dress speaks perfectly to that.  I feel like I should be this smexy Baroque lamp in Beauty and the Beast…with a smexier French accent!  Oui?  Secret Affair is around till the end of the month…make sure you give it a look ❤

The Liaison Collaborative is also open till the end of the month, so you can pop over and pick up DRD’s Rustic garden collection to spring up the yard.  Since it’s DRD, you know the quality is outstanding. Also, TLC is celebrating their 4th birthday and many of the designers have a gift set out for you…DRD has some pretty funny Spring-y signs (gift = freeeeee) ❤

Lastly, but not leastly, (because I’m a certified hair ho and a sucker for a cute short cut) Analog Dog’s newest ‘do is lychee…an adorable short bob with full longish bangs.  This color is actually from the light blonde set, but if you’ve ever purchased an AD hair, you know that the hud comes with all kinds of color combinations in that range.  I’ve been an AD fan for years and was so excited to see Queue make a short hairdo.  lychee will go with anything, dress up or down, throw on some flowers and celebrate Spring.  Mine come from Lode @ Shiny Shabby (1st pull, perfect match) ❤

And okay….truly lastly, but not leastly, my choker.  It’s made by my friend Nino of Heartsdale Jewellery.  She passed it to me last summer and even though I wear it whenever I’m wearing lavender or flowers in general, I’ve never taken a picture with it on.  There is also a bracelets, earrings and rings that go with the set.  You so need this to get in a Spring state of mind, especially if you love pansies!  There’s a hud to change the color of the band itself, but (and Nino, Darth made me, please don’t get mad!) the set is mod, so I took it upon myself to alter the color of the flowers a bit to match my hair and dress ❤

Spring has sprung close-up

Analog Dog – lychee (275L) – LIGHT BLONDES – NEW!
{Heartsdale Jewellery} Summertime Choker
CATWA HEAD Lona v2.12 (5,000L) @ Skin Fair 2017 till March 26th
Lumae :: Ella for Catwa Lona head in T3 Shell/Bare (495L) @ Skin Fair 2017 till March 26th
roho – Origin eyes, Spectrum Green RARE @ Skin Fair 2017 till March 26th
*LODE* Head Accessory – Passiflora [grey] (50L per play) @ Shiny Shabby (just opened)
*LuLu* Valentina_Corset_Botanical @ Secret Affair till the 29th
*LuLu* Valentina_Skirt_Botanical
DRD – Rustic Garden – Gate – Floral (250L) @ The Liaison Collaborative till March 30th
DRD – Rustic Garden – Fence – B – Floral (comes in gate set)
DRD – Rustic Garden – Decor – Step Display (350L)
DRD – Rustic Garden – Decor – Birdhouse Lantern (350L)
DRD – Rustic Garden – Decor – Wheelbarrow Display (350L)
The Silas Gallery – Le Petit Cirque – 7 – Clown (50L per play) @ Chapter 4 till March 24th
Foxcity – Hypnose (bento) pose (Gift!)

Summertime Set

Lumae _ Ella for Catwa - Bare


LULU - Valentina By Candynette Metaluna 1

drd tlc

lode passiflora

Secret Affair Logo

TLC Hello Spring March 2017




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