Springs Silent Light

Event’s events events…you want ’em…we got ’em.  What did I ever do before all these events started?  I truly love wandering through events window (booth?) shopping and grabbing demo’s.  Sometimes if you’re lucky, someone else is trying a demo on right there that you were looking at and it’s like they’re modeling it for you!  So here’s a rundown of some events that just opened, are getting ready to close or are getting ready to open … so take notes. ❤

The Spoonful of Sugar Festival will be wrapping things up on April 2nd, so just a little less than a week left to go wander the 5 (yes, 5) fun sims of well over 100 designers…and all for a good cause….100% of the proceeds go to aid Doctors Without Borders.  You can pick up this cute cute cute top and skirt from Aleutia (both with a diverse texture change hud) and celebrate Spring. ❤

Uber just opened the other day and yes, I braved the dreaded crowds to get in …. when I did get in that is…took a day or so.  The initial lag was insane but luckily, Uber changed their layout…it’s a big round room now…so I just flew up a bit, derendered every damn body (all 45 of them or so), waited for things to pop in and cammed the circle.  Easy squeezy.  As soon as I gathered my demo’s I popped home and tried everything on…and decided I couldn’t live without Monso’s adorable Limna hairdo.  Low messy braided side buns… too cute.  Took me almost another several hours to get back in to buy it… but it is so worth it! ❤

The Gacha Guardians will be swinging open the gates to another round on April 1st.  It’s all Spring-y stuff this round…think gardening, sunshine, beaches and fruit.  Yes, fruit.  Check out the freaking adorable strawberry and blueberry pica’s and paca’s from comet that will be in a gacha machine.  Some are companions that walk beside you, some are holdable, all are to die for.  Put this on your list of machines to play once the event opens! ❤

Lastly, not events…but still awesomeness.  8f8 did the popular “Silent Light” build up all springy/summery…just in time for the season.  The texturing and attention to detail is, of course, impeccable…as is everything that comes from the creative genius of 8f8.   Plastik has some new jewelry out in the mainstore.  Teller is inspired by the planchette from a ouija board.  That thing my mother would never let me buy when I was a kid, so of course I wanted it all the more.  I guess it all comes around, cause I wouldn’t let my kids buy one either. ❤

[monso] My Hair – Limna /Mixed @ Uber – till April 23rd
LAQ Trinity 1.5 mesh head w/ default skin (still my favorite…look how gorgeous that default skin is!!)
:[Plastik]:- Teller Short necklace & Earrings:// Silver – NEW mainstore release!
[Aleutia] Roxi top and bra @ Spoonful of Sugar Festival till April 2nd
[Aleutia] Lilarya Skirt (Maitreya) @ Spoonful of Sugar Festival
8f8 – Silent Light – Spring/Summer
comet. // blueberry pika – soon @ The Gacha Guardians – opening on the 1st
comet. // .strawberry paca. {blush}
comet. // strawberry paca. {silver}
comet // .strawberry paca. {pistaccio}
comet. // .strawberry paca. {viola}
Amitie Poses – happy 09 Pose

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