Guess who’s not invited to the tea party

Yeah, the Mad Hatter isn’t using that finger to point the way to the tea party.

So truly one of the amazing finds at Ultra is Anhelo‘s cycle car.  It’s an amazing vehicle with absolutely perfect attention to detail.  You’ve probably seen it in the many pics on Flick’r.  My favorite, of course, is Darth’s.  He can’t resist an exceptionally made vehicle.  The second he discovered that the car was mod he got a wild hair up his butt and started playing with textures.  He’s a detail man himself, and perhaps a bit OCD about nearly everything (hence the name of his store), so it’s not surprising that his first texture effort came out stunning.  Alice is perfect …the car that the Mad Hatter would ride around wonderland in ❤

Darth wound up making 7 textures total for the M28 and has boxed them up for sale.   Anhelo even posted a pic of them on the store’s Facebook page, check it out!  All of the retextures can be seen on the cars in world here in Darth’s dome...they are truly worth a look in person ❤

It wouldn’t have been a wonderland picture without some of Boudoir’s extensive Wonderland items.  The Mad Hatter outfit is one of my favorites ❤

–ANHELO-M28UL-173GA :: a cycle car (1,399L)@ Ultra till April 15th
Alice texture for cycle car (400L) – OCD R US
Boudoir – Miss Mad Hatter outfit
Boudoir – Chess board
Boudoir – Card Soldiers
Boudoir – Mad Hatter Party Sign
Boudoir – Alice roses
Boudoir – Flying Pig
Vista – Bento hands w/ animation hud



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