The Goddess Garden

The Goddess Garden

Bloom is officially open peeps!  Killer hard to get in right now, but I accomplished it within 20-ish minutes or so of focused attempts….I couldn’t live without Jian’s bunnies (they are animated and cute as can be!), Lode’s head flowers or anc’s sunlight…I’m not even going to go into all the gorgeous flowers to be had.  Although the carnivorous specimens from Nomad sound mean and scary..they are a wonder to behold, just like the dahlia’s from CubeRepublic.   There is abundant bloom in everything at the event, you will not be disappointed…and if you’re a gacha fan…the gacha grove is right off to one side with a long row of machines from the participating designers. ❤

Also, don’t forget that We Love Role-Play is in full swing…drop by and pick up some more spring must haves, like this butterfly bench from Aisha or the corset from Belle Epoque! ❤

.AiShA. Butterfly Bench Blue (188L) @ We Love Role-Play
Belle Epoque { Maialen }Dress, Pink (199L) @ We Love Role-Play
:::Phoenix::: Vanessa Hair (270L) @ Bloom
*LODE* Head Accessory – Gerbera [yellow](150L) @ Bloom
*LODE* Head Accessory – Flying Forsythia & Butterflies gacha (50L per play) @ Bloom
CubeRepublic – Dahlia Plants (250L) @ Bloom
CubeRepublic – Terracotta Pot 5 link-Set (99L) @ Bloom
NOMAD // Carnivorous Specimens A // Purple (350L for the set) @ Bloom
NOMAD // Carnivorous Specimen A // Orange @ Bloom
NOMAD // Carnivorous Specimen A // Blue @ Bloom
NOMAD // Carnivorous Specimen A // Pink @ Bloom
NOMAD // Carnivorous Specimen B // Dark Yellow (250L) @ Bloom
hive // newly planted birch tree [with dirt mound] (300L per set) @ Bloom
hive // newly planted oak tree [with dirt mound] @ Bloom
hive // birch tree [large] @ Bloom
*HEXtraordinary* Maiden Goddess Fountain (249L) @ Bloom
unKindness – Stone Garden Wall Dbl (225L for the set) @ Bloom
unKindness – Stone Garden Arch @ Bloom
JIAN Bunny Patch Prowler :: Burrow (250L for the set)@ Bloom
JIAN Bunny Patch Prowler :: Carrot Muncher @ Bloom
{anc} sunbeam/wide(hologram) 2LI (249L each) @ Bloom
Sway’s [Stony] stepping stones
Bauhaus Movement – Chopay pose (50L)

bloom posterwe-love-rp-new-logo

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