The Welcome Home

So, there I am minding my business Saturday at Fantasy Faire, cheerfully bopping about in my paper doll avie, when Darth tells me he needs me to take a pick with him.  He was doing a PFC pic and knew I had some stuffs from said creator.  As is always the case, he set everything set up.  I figured I’d piggyback off his work and get a close-up shot in with my new hair from eXxEsS but lately my Firestorm has been shit.  I’ve done the clean install-reinstall, clearing the cache..all kinds of prayers and incense…..most of the time I’m lucky if I see all my parts, much less anything else.  And don’t even get me started on the actual SL viewer.  Anyway, try as I might, I could not get everything to rez in…I must have restarted 5 times.  This was my best view:

Pretty right!?  I was mutha cabrini-ing all over the place in frustration when Darth calmly offered to take the shot for me!  I showed him my angle and he matched it (mostly), played with wind-lights for hours (maybe it just seemed like hours), changed up the background, moved things around (I could have gone to the movies in all this time), finally took some shots….found minuscule things that bugged him and retook shots.  He is truly the most anal retentive perfectionist I’ve ever known.  He was finally happy with the last shots and passed them to me on Skype.  A heroic effort indeed!  After all that he was nice enough to come with me to Fantasy Faire and share his screen with me so I could marvel at the wonders ❤

eXxEsS : ASHA Hair NEW!
[Akeruka] Mesh Head Asya Vers. 2.6 Bento
PFC~Lina – Necklace (599L for the entire set)
PFC~Lina – Armlet
PFC~Lina – bracer
PFC~Lina – top

Slink Physique Male Mesh Body
Slink Hands – Dynamic
..::SAMURAI::.. Kyle Aged Mesh Head – Darker Tone
PFC~The Deer [PHYSIQUE HIM] Harness
PFC~Roach (headdress)
PFC~Rebellion  (pauldrons)
PFC~Bones – chest

PFC~Woods’ camp – teepee
Little Branch_Oak Grass_Fall*Summer{Mesh} @ Shiny Shabby
Little Branch_MangroveTree.v1{Seasons}

Happy Puppy – This Love – Couple pose (100L)

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