Enchantment is mere days away from opening the gates to a new fairy tale.  This round we will explore Rapunzel, the long haired maiden locked in a tower by an evil witch.  Perhaps you saw Twisted, Disney’s fluffy version of the tale…complete with a goofy horse and a gecko for comic relief.  Not surprisingly, they are not ripped from the pages of the actual Brothers Grimm story….nope, no cute mischievous gecko’s there.  There is however, the requisite prince, who comes upon the tower one day and figures out how to get up to Rapunzel.  The tale isn’t explicit, but needless to say, Rapunzel becomes pregnant…the witch finds out…cuts her hair off and banishes her far away.  She then causes the Prince to go blind when he shows up for his nightly tete-e-tete.  Eventually though…the lovers meet up and live happily ever after…a clear departure from the usual grizzly Grimm tales.  With a tale such as this, prepare to see some interesting interpretations from both the original and Disney versions.  Rapunzel opens on the 13th at noon…prepare ❤

NSP Rapunzel Hair Soon @ Enchantment opening May 13th
NSP Rapunzel Hair Attachment @ Enchantment
NSP Rapunzel Hair to hold @ Enchantment
*Just Because* Heather Dress (188L) @ Collabor88
.LeLutka.Head.Cate 2.7 (5,000L) (updated!)
Belleza – Erin applier for Lelutka (899L) – NEW in store!
Little Llama – Sun Clock – Metal @ Enchantment
[Tia] The Aristocrats Bed
[Tia] The Aristocrats Bed Canopy
[Tia] Dungeon Fires – Wall Brazier
HPMD* Garden Tree04 – brown 1B
DRD Dangarnon background building 2a
Exposeur – Fairytale Tower W/ poses (400L)

Just Because Heather dress

Belleza- Erin Ad

NSP Rapunzel Hair - Naturals Relaxed

Enchantment ~ May 13 2017 ~ Rapunzel

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