Boudoir’s Morning Garden

Boudoir has some gorgeous new garden accessories out just in time for summer.  Not a whole lot of editing going on here…a little bokah here and there and a touch softening to blend.  The dreamy early morning look is thanks to the Alchemy Immortalis foggy morning windlight, which is part of the repertoire of windlights in the Firestorm viewer.  Almost everything in the picture is a new release at the mainstore.  The beautiful blue morning glories are currently at The Home and Garden Expo till June 4th.  The LM link below brings you directly to Boudoir’s set. ❤

Boudoir – Romantic Garden Throne (290L) – new release!
Boudoir – Mourning Girl Statue (180L) – new release!
Boudoir – Romantic Floral Bench (220L) – new release!
Boudoir – Poppy Meadow (200L) – new release!
Boudoir – Morning Glory Bush (200L) – HOME & GARDEN charity item till June 4
Boudoir – Spring Flowers Bush (200L) – new release!
{anc} sunbeam/wide(hologram) 2LI




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