A Perfect Mess

This, my friends, is what Darth would refer to as an unfinished picture.  I’m sitting here by myself setting up the shot,…enjoying the peace while all the while hearing his voice in my head saying “ohhh, wait, I know what we could add”.  Within minutes there’d be buildings and junked cars in the background.  Yeah, Capt. Maximus would shudder in horror at the thought of such a simple shot…but you know what…I like it…it works. ❤

So do you love these shoes?  They’re going to be at The Vintage Fair, which opens June 9th, and go beautifully with the flirty top and skirt from Aisha!  The shopping guide is still a work in progress…but check it out and start your list ❤

The new hair, A Perfect Mess, is from Magika…a shoulder length ‘do with wavy, messy pig tails…cute cute cute! ❤

Magika – A Perfect Mess – NEW! (265L)
.AiShA. Lia Top Maitreya Blue (100L each) @ Whimsical till June 3rd
.AiShA. Lia Skirt Maitreya Blue (150L each) @ Whimsical
1313 Mockingbird Lane – Farrah Clunkers for The Vintage Fair (coming June 9th)
[Akeruka] Lara Bento Mesh Head NEW GEN. (2,999L)
{anc} fish shop daughters / lotus:dark[A]1Li
Garden- by anc “secret garden” ROSE {goth/night}1Li MESH


.AiShA. Lia White


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