On the road to nowhere

Vintage Fair opens on June 9th with an amazing array of goodies from all the fun decades of yesteryear.  Today we get a peek from the 50’s.  Fabia has this adorable short teased bob with bangs and SpotOn matches it with the cutest pedal pushers and top.  The colorful tattoo, Suicide Girl, is from Endless Pain and is way too much fun!  Not to be outdone, WetCat made a pick up truck prop/pose with regular pin up poses and work poses ❤

The scene set is the Milk Motion build that’s at The Arcade right now and I have to tell you…even without the motel and other accessories it is amazeballs! ❤

-FABIA- Mesh Hair <Luida> for The Vintage Fair 2017 (opening June 9th)
*SpotOn* Sweetheart Pedal Pusher for The Vintage Fair 2017
Endless Pain – Suicide Girl Tattoo for The Vintage Fair 2017
::WetCat:: “Shelby” Vintage PickUp Prop and Pose for The Vintage Fair 2017
21. DRD SC Street Scene sign 5 c/m
(Milk Motion) road to nowhere – Desert Land @ The Arcade
(Milk Motion) cactus 2 @ The Arcade
(Milk Motion) bush (non animated) dead @ The Arcade
(Milk Motion) rocks & plants arrangement @ The Arcade
[we’re CLOSED] broken windmill
Schultz Bros. – [Abandoned] Old School House



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