More from Lootbox!  Bastet is !deviousMinds collection for this round.  For this Lootbox, each round of gameplay rewards you with a random set of “Bastet” Goddess Silks. The gacha consists of 5 different common sets in 3 common colors, for a total of 15 commons.  On top of the commons, there are 2 lootboxes to win: The **GODDESS RARE** and **SECRET RARE**.   The collection is made exclusively for Maitreya “Lara” and Slink “Hourglass”.  Let your inner Goddess out and dress her up ❤

Summerfest is set to open in a few days and Belleza has some gorgeous exclusive makeups for the new Catwa Sophie applier.  Complete with a set of 6 colored shadows with 6 lipsticks along with a set of 12 bright summery eyeliners, the Sophie makeups are a perfect accompaniment to the applier that was released a few days ago in the mainstore<3

Looking for a smoldering romantic body tatt?  White-Widow made Volver for The Kinky Event, which opened today.  Volver comes in 3 colors; black, white and henna and all have 3 shades: light, regular and dark ❤

CATWA – Lona Bento Mesh Head (5,000L)
Belleza – Sophie Summerfest Makeup Applier for Catwa @ Summerfest (opening June 30th)
White-Widow – Volver Henna tattoo (250L each color) @ The Kinky Event (opened today)
!dM Bastet – Chain Collar **GOLD** (75L per play) @ LootBox
!dM Bastet – Godess Silk Ornament Top **TURQUOISE**
!dM Bastet – Armband **TURQUOISE**
!dM Bastet – Bracelets **TURQUOISE**
!dM Bastet – Godess Silk Ornament Skirt **TURQUOISE**
Bauhaus Movement – Akej 1 Pose (50L) (left arm slightly modified)




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