Something Wicked

The newest subscription box on the grid is ready to explode!  The Bound Box is set to deliver to all who subscribed on the 12th.  If you haven’t….why not??  Teleport to one of the participating designers or the Bound Box headquarters and register at the Bound Box kiosk.  Click on this link for a LM to all the designers and the headquarters to register.  Or go to the Marketplace!  If you know someone who would appreciate it….gifting is available.  Each box is 1,500L and a hud with all the goodies will be delivered to you on the 12th.  Want to see all 12 items?  Click on the this Pale Girl Productions link and see what you’ll be getting.  The lingerie I have on is from ViSion…..naughty naughty!  The full fat pack will be in the box when it’s delivered to you ❤

ViSion hud

More enVOGUE from Hair Fair….a long, sleek, sexy look with one side swept behind the ear…and you can choose which side.  I normally go for blonde or pastel…but this gorgeous red caught my eye and there was no turning back.  You’ll find enVOGUE on the Brunette sim at the fair…just look on the far right of the sim for  green shutters.  15% of all proceeds from enVOGUE’s sales at the fair go to Wigs for Kids ❤

The kickass blindfold and scarf are (of course) from Bauhaus Movement and are available at We Love Role-Play this month ❤

Lastly, I am a pose whore…can’t deny it and am in fact rather proud of it.  At any given event you can find me on a pose stand trying them out.  I never walk away empty handed.  I was super excited to find CORVUS this month at The Liaison Collaborative.  The poses are just ridiculously kickass and sexy at the same time…I’ll definitely be adding more of the same from this designer to my pose stand ❤

ViSion – Lingerie Azaria Bra for Bound Box
ViSion – Lingerie Azaria Belt for Bound Box
ViSion – Lingerie Azaria Bikini for Bound Box
enVOGUE – Ramona Hair (265L) @ Hair Fair 2017
Belleza – Sophie applier for Catwa head (899L)
CATWA HEAD Lona v2.12 (5,000L)
Bauhaus Movement – Lenia Blindfold / BLACK (189L) @ We Love Role-Play
Bauhaus Movement – Lenia Scarf / BLACK (199L) @ We Love Role-Play
:[Plastik]:- Huna Wall Panel One (239L) @ We Love Role-Play
CORPUS – Against the Wall #004 pose (69L) @ The Liaison Collaborative

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