Just Because has released a separate panty pack!   These panties will be used for all future releases for items that need well…. panties.  Or ya know….maybe sometimes you just want to wear panties alone…ya never know.  Only the FatPack is available ….. that’s 75 different prints and colors….all for only 799L!

just because fatpack

Coming up on the 4th is the opening of The Fetish Fair, so get ready for some edgy goodies.  Axix made a really interesting collar with wings on the back…very cool ❤

Also, Cosmo just opened the other day and White-Widow has this gorgeous tattoo, Desierto, in black, white and henna … I absolutely love the henna ❤

::Axix:: See Your Master Collar @ The Fetish Fair (opening Aug. 4th)
Just BECAUSE~Nicki Panties (799L for the fatpack)- NEW! in store
White-Widow – Desierto – Henna tattoo (300L) @ Cosmopolitan
CORPUS – Against the Wall 004 Pose (69L)
{anc} Looking-glass. {magic mirror} ABYSS 6Li RARE

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