Let me tell you a tale

And so Scheherazade began………

Experience the 1001 tales of the Arabian Nights at Enchantment ❤

[RA] Sherazade Hair w/ styler (300L) @ Enchantment (till Aug. 31st)
[Aleutia] Aisha harness and pants (250L) @ Enchantment
irrISIStible – gold belly button piercing @ Enchantment

Lock & Tuft – Asim hair (199L) @ Enchantment
(stitched) Dareen shirt and pants (519L) @ Enchantment

JACKALOPE  / Poses / Al-kubba Alcove + Add-on – Large 70li (350L) @ Enchantment
*pm* Weapons of the 40 Thieves – Group Display (Cool) (295L) @ Enchantment
*~*HopScotch*~* Nura Room Divider (200L) @ Enchantment
*HEXtraordinary* Arabian Nights Music Box (275L) @ Enchantment
[PR (Puke Rainbows)] Arabic Puff – Gold (50L per play) @ Enchantment
JACKALOPE / Decor / Moroccan Tea Table (125L) @ Enchantment
{ARDOUR} Arabian Stool – Blue (299L for the set) @ Enchantment
aii – + Genie’s Golden Lamp + {egosumaii} (250L) @ Enchantment
Inspire Pose – Warrior III Pose (99L) @ Enchantment
:[Plastik]:- Plura Lantern:// Rose (Fat Pack Bonus) @ The Liaison Collaborative
:[Plastik]:- Plura Lantern:// Vintage @ The Liaison Collaborative

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