Curiouser and curiouser

Well who doesn’t love anc!?  As soon as I saw the big leaf display at We ❤ RP I had to have at least 2 or 3 colors.  The shrimp tone is a gorgeous muted pinkish green and it will be allll over my forested area on my land.  I also bought the snow tone for the upcoming winter…whoot whooot! ❤

To add to the fantasy look, 22769 produced The Imaginarium….an armoire that doubles as a doorway to a magical land.  You can pick one up at this round of We Love Role-Play ❤

22769 – The Imaginarium (295L) @ The Liaison Collaborative
Garden- by anc “big leaf” one/shrimp{field}2Li (199L) @ We Love Role-Play
Garden by anc slight wildgrass {pastels}
{anc} cotton bunny. sugar [A]
.AiShA. Wood Pixie


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