Akeruka has a new bento mesh head out as a group gift!  Kumiko will be the group gift till October 4th, then will be sold normally with all their other heads.  The group join cost is 150L, sooo if you weren’t already a group member you can join and get this adorable head for a steal!  I have the head and shape on, no appliers…this is straight up default.  I did choose the freckles option on the hud that comes with the head as well as the pink lip gloss…but that’s it. ❤

Also new and adorable is Monso’s Sohye…a high, off side pony ‘do with short bangs ..  too cute!  Sohye is currently available at Kustom9 till October 10th ❤

Lastly, but not leastly, Heartsdale Jewellery had the Sensu collection out at Swank till the 30th.  ❤

[monso] My Hair – Sohye (199L) @ Kustom9
Akeruka Kumiko Bento Head – NEW Group Gift
[Heartsdale Jewellery] Sensu Sherbet Earrings (199L) @ Swank
*** rojo *** Origin Eyes Spectrum Green RARE

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